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Synthetic Ice skating
Install a skating rink in your indoor park, alley, backyard or building basement regardless of the climate. Holiday celebrations, festivals, city parks, schools, shopping malls and churches on five continents take advantage to Synthetic Ice for a variety of applications. Easy setup and teardown for instant ice skating anytime, anywhere! Designed for basement, garage, outdoor or applications where leveling is more of a challenge.Available in 3 different thicknesses: 3/8" (residential use only), 1/2" (residential and commercial use) and 3/4" (residential and commercial use).Perfect for commercial and residential use.Practice your hockey skills or figure skating at home. Real ice rinks start with gliding capabilities at 100%, reducing to approximately 80% after a few hours. In addition, real ice rinks have to close at regular intervals each day for re-surfacing whilst a synthetic ice rink can remain open 24 hours a day.The Synthetic/ Artificial Ice Rinks are designed to be the real alternative to real ice where factors such as location / time and costs are an issue. Our mobile rinks use the very latest technology and offer a truly memorable and authentic ice skating experience in which our rinks can be installed nearly anywhere and used in all weathers.

Our mobile skating rinks have a huge advantage over a real ice because they:-

  • Don’t need expensive or pollution generators or chillers
  • We don’t have huge fuel or water bills
  • Our skating surface cannot melt
  • We can guarantee 24/7 skating
  • Our surfaces make for a safer skate
  • We have no environmental issues
  • We don’t need our surfaces to be re-surfaced
  • Installation / de-rigging time is a lot quicker

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