High Rope Course

A high rope course is a pre-fabricated, professionally installed course, built of utility poles, cables, and bolts, or it can be hand-built in a wooded area, where ropes and wire are attached to different trees.

High ropes course considered as a more advanced form of rope course, high ropes course are for people who don't seem to be afraid of heights and have a lot of flexibility and balance. In ropes course programs, these are typically more challenging and in most cases, ought to be supervised by a skilled rope course assistant. Participants are also need to wear safety gear for protection . Usually participants must sign a waiver before being allowed to participate on the course, because of the high risk of injury.

In High rope course elements or challenges are usually created over high on trees or utility poles and require a belay for safety.

Some participants may have a tough time finishing the course due to its height and also the physical challenge. High rope courses sometimes vary from twenty five feet through fifty feet tall, though some elements can reach upwards of a hundred and fifty feet plus (as in the redwoods and some jungle courses). In order to climb up onto the course participants sometimes must climb, such as by using a cargo net or Jacob's ladder, that can be made from rope, or an artificial climbing wall.

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