Expert ATV Track Buildling & Designing in India

Get an expert ATV Track Buildling & Designing in India

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), as the name suggests is an off road vehicle which can travel though almost all kind of terrain. Interestingly the first ATV was designed and sold by the Royal Enfield in 1893. Since then ATVs were used for military purposes. But in recent times with the advent of modern Japanese machines from Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki and Kawasaki, ATV has entered recreational adventure zone. E even in India, it is fast picking up as an adventure sports. In theory it looks elaborate and complicated to set up but in reality ATV tracks can be developed at a considerably low cost; thus bringing the coast of setting up ATV quite low so that it can be easily affordable.

India is still a niche market for ATV’s and not many know how to set it up. Rope Course India has successfully set up India’s first ATV at Great Adventure Mall in Noida. The ATV track that we developed at Great Adventure Mall is 2000 metre long. We have created different levels depending on comfortable the rider. We also made a forest theme around the track to give a real time, unique experience to the rider.

As many people in India are starting to show interest in setting up ATVs, we promise to give solutions to all your specific needs. We specialise in adapting into clients need so that people has a wonderful ATV experience.

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